Scandinavian Sleep Method: Better Sleep for Couples

With many restless sleepers seeking a perfect night’s rest, the Scandinavian sleep method has made its way across the ocean and gained popularity, particularly for couples with differing sleep preferences. If you also find yourself tossing and turning, especially due to body temperature issues, this method offers a refreshing and innovative solution. Learn more about what the Scandinavian sleep method is, how to best implement it, and why it can lead to better sleep for hot sleepers.

What is the Scandinavian Sleep Method?

The Scandinavian sleep method is a sleep strategy where couples use separate comforters, duvets or blankets rather than sharing a single cover. This allows each partner in bed to have personalized bedding preferences for optimal sleep. The approach caters to individual needs, reducing disturbances caused by tugging or differing temperature preferences during the night. The Scandinavian sleep method can be classified under sleep divorce, which basically means partners with differing sleep setups.

How to Implement the Scandinavian Sleep Method

  1. Choose the Right Covers: Start by selecting two covers that suit each partner’s preferences. For hot sleepers, a cooling blanket such as Evercool® Cooling Comforter can help minimize night sweats and ensure optimal thermal environment for rest. These Rest blankets are designed to regulate body temperature, wicks away moisture, and are cooler than silk while being just as luxuriously soft.
  2. Coordinate Bedding: While each person has their own blanket or duvet, you can still maintain a cohesive look by choosing matching or complementary covers to fit your bedroom’s decor. For couples with both hot sleeper (who benefit from Evercool® Cooling Comforter) and cold sleeper (who needs a warmer duvet), a large flat sheet over the bed can ensure a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing sleep sanctuary.
  3. Consider the Bed Size: Ensure that your bed is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate two duvets or comforters. Larger beds like queen or king sizes are typically best for this method, allowing each sleeper to use an individual-sized cover.
  4. Adjust Your Sleep Routine: Embrace the flexibility this method offers. Adjust the covers based on seasonal changes or personal comfort needs. For instance, switch to lighter blankets like the Evercool® Cooling Comforter in summer and thicker duvets in the winter. The personalization of the Scandinavian sleep method provides a unique environment for better sleep and customization for each partner.

Benefits of the Scandinavian Sleep Method

1. Reduces Sleep Disturbances

One of the primary benefits of the Scandinavian sleep method is the reduction in sleep disturbances. Sharing a single comforter often leads to nighttime tussles, where one partner ends up with more covers than the other. The Scandinavian sleep method eliminates the blanket tug-of-war, allowing each person to sleep undisturbed.

2. Accommodates Different Temperature Preferences

People have different sleep temperature needs. Menopausal women, for instance, often experience hot flashes and night sweats that make sleeping under a standard comforter unbearable. Hot sleepers, in general, benefit significantly from the ability to use a cooling comforter tailored to their needs. The Evercool® Cooling Comforter is engineered to provide optimal cooling and breathability, making it the perfect choice for those who overheat at night. Likewise, those who like a more cozy sleep environment can layer more blankets or opt for warmer duvets like the Rest duvets here.

3. Promotes Deeper Sleep

By addressing individual comfort needs, the Scandinavian sleep method helps promote deeper, uninterrupted sleep. Maintaining the right sleep environment is crucial for achieving restorative sleep. This method allows each person to customize their sleep setup, enhancing overall sleep quality to ensure each partner achieves deeper, restorative sleep.

Do's and Don'ts of the Scandinavian Sleep Method


  • Invest in High-Quality Bedding: Opt for duvets that match your comfort preferences. Cooling comforters are a game-changer for hot sleepers.
  • Coordinate Duvet Covers: Keep the bed looking stylish with matching or complementary covers.
  • Adapt to Seasons: Use different weight duvets or comforters for summer and winter to maintain comfort year-round.


  • Don’t Overcomplicate It: Keep the setup simple. The method’s beauty lies in its straightforward approach to enhancing sleep.
  • Avoid Heavy Comforters for Hot Sleepers: Heavy, non-breathable duvets can exacerbate overheating issues. Choose lightweight, cooling options instead.
  • Don’t Ignore Partner Preferences: Ensure both partners are comfortable with the chosen duvets to maximize the benefits.

Why Evercool® is the Best Solution for Hot Sleepers

For hot sleepers adopting the Scandinavian sleep method, Rest’s Evercool® Cooling Comforter is an excellent choice. Crafted with advanced cooling technology, Evercool® Cooling Comforters help regulate body temperature and provide a cooler sleep environment. This is particularly beneficial for those experiencing hot flashes or night sweats, as it helps with moisture wicking and maintaining consistent sleep temperature.

Evercool®’s innovative fabric draws heat away from the body and promotes airflow, ensuring you stay cool throughout the night. With a range of cooling comforters and duvet sets, Rest offers the perfect solution for achieving restful sleep in the Scandinavian style.

Evercool® Cooling Comforter

Evercool® Cooling Starter Sheet Set

Scientific Backing and Further Reading

Research has shown that maintaining an optimal sleep temperature is crucial for sleep quality. Studies highlight how body temperature regulation impacts sleep cycles and overall restfulness. Adopting sleep strategies like the Scandinavian sleep method can help create a more conducive sleep environment, especially when paired with cooling bedding solutions.

Embrace the Scandinavian sleep method to tailor your sleep experience and enjoy undisturbed, cooler nights. Whether you’re a hot sleeper or simply looking for a better way to share your bed, this approach, combined with Rest’s Evercool® Cooling Comforter, offers a new way to more restful and restorative sleep.


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